Reflecting Christ

Mirrors are reflectors. They reflect the light that hits them. What we see in the mirror reflects the light that is illuminating us as we stand in front of the mirror. That light shines off of us at the mirror and reflects into our eyes where our brains interpret the image how we appear at that moment in that light.

Gazing into the mirror is how we can see ourselves as others see us. We cannot step outside our bodies to look ourselves, so, up until recent technological advances, mirrors have been the only way we have had to check out how we look and learn how others view our outward appearance.

When we read the creation story, we find that Genesis 1:26 (ESV) says,

“Let us make man in our image, after our likeness,”

so we think God patterned our physical appearance very specifically. However, since God no has bodily form, he is referring to his image as his spiritual form. So man was given spirit, a living soul, created to live in harmony and communion with him.

So, with this image in mind, how do you view yourself when you look in the mirror? It is possible to view beyond the physical appearance and into the spirit.

In the 1970’s a Christian artist, Sharalee Lucas, recorded a song by the name “Jesus in Your Eyes.” This was very popular song back then for weddings given the love song nature of the lyrics. But it spoke about being able to discern Christ in another person.

I see Jesus in your eyes, and it makes me love Him

I feel Jesus in your touch, and I know He cares

I hear Jesus in your voice, and it makes me listen

And I trust you with my love, because you’re His.

I see Him… [1]

Have you ever had someone you’ve just met say, “You’re a Christian, aren’t you?” If someone can ask that before you say a word that’s even better.

We can never be fully like Christ, but we strive to always be. And as we become more like Him, the more others will see Christ in us. Do others see Him you? When you stand in front of the mirror, do YOU see Him in you?

[1] I See Jesus In Your Eyes—Words & Music – Sharalee Lucas—Copyright © 1986 Songs Of Rambo McGuire—Catalog info-Songs Of Rambo McGuire—Administrator Info-Songs Of Rambo McGuire

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